President Nobuyoshi Fujisawa

I am Nobuyoshi Fujisawa, the managing director and CEO of J Trust Asia PTE.LTD. I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself and our business.

We have been going through drastic changes in business circumstances surrounding us. To respond successfully to such changes, I intend to enhance speed in management of our business. Also, given the aggressive management that optimizes the J Trust Group’s finance know-hows and quality service, I believe we have reached the point where we should step into the next stage of pursuing new corporate growth and further development of our business.
To this end, we made advancement into the South Korean market in 2011 on the basis of the business model of retail finance, which had been formulated in Japan and has become the source of our growth. In October 2013, for the purpose of conducting investment operations and providing management assistance services, we established J Trust Asia in Singapore, and this marks our second entry into the overseas market. With this as a turning point, we will aim for “Growth with World-Wide Perspectives” which involves business expansion to be achieved through new value creation and exploitation of new business market in the growing South-East Asia region. In order to surely achieve such new growth, we will seek improvement in quality, efficacy, and speed in execution of every duty.

The driving force behind “Growth with World-Wide Perspectives” is a variety of human resources. In the J Trust Group, we have already undertaken proactive efforts to reflect various values on management of our business along with advancement of economic structure such as globalization. My vision of what our corporate culture should be is as follows; every employee is expected to enhance comprehensive human power on one’s own initiative and demonstrate it toward the goal of creating value that is more productive than ever. Through the accumulation of such efforts, I believe that we can form the basis for the Group to grow into a genuinely global corporate group.

The J Trust Group’s corporate philosophy was established in accordance with our strongly held concept; “In order to meet the needs of our customers, our shareholders, and many other stakeholders, we will continuously keep growing up. Furthermore, we hope to refresh the World as well as Japan by promptly and flexibly adapting ourselves to various changes, and by faithfully and sincerely meeting challenges.” By implementing such corporate philosophy and persistently pursuing corporate governance, we strive to deal diligently with stakeholders and conduct well balanced business activities. Ultimately, we aim to live together with our society.

At the forefront of the J Trust Group’s employees, I aim to realize a group that surely accomplishes “Growth with World-Wide Perspectives” in which every employee can perform vibrantly. By achieving such objective, I believe that we can create a better world for future generations.

Managing Director & CEO
Nobuyoshi Fujisawa

Nobuyoshi Fujisawa


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